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lil’ Kojin

Name: Kojin*
Month of Birth: 
Favorite Color: 
Favorite Pastime: 
Lurking in dark parts of the Manor, especially at night with the ghosts.
Weakness For: Hair
Family Relations: None
Close Friends: 
Gothica and Obake
 She is one of the undead and the first to be placed into the Miseries Manor. She is very quiet, but has evil tendencies. When Gothica enters into the scene, she is drawn to her and they become friends.

Before her death, Kojin was a good girl and a good sister. She tried to support her little brother as best she could and stood up for him more than she should have. Little is know of how she died; only that she is terribly afraid of water in any form. After she died and spent many years wandering the earth, her personality changed a lot.

*Kojin means ‘dead person’ in Japanese.


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January 5, 2021

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