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Wooden Gardening Pin


One-of-a-kind wood gardening pin with a shovel, fowers, stones, and seed packets.

Pin Dimensions: 1 6/8 x 1 1/8
Double pin backing

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Hi, I’m lil’ Ragdoll and I hope you like my shop. I secretly overheard Seven telling lil’ Dapper that Precious Miseries Manor is in a bit of a bind. Apparently, Seven wants to create video stories about us, but we need funds to do it. I guess animation is expensive and she wants to hire the right person for the job….and, unfortunately, we already lost hundreds of dollars in the process. I left before I could be discovered, and I don’t know what they decided to do, but I know I can help! I’ve decided to use my vast collection of things to make jewelry for sale. Whatever sells will go towards the animation fund for Precious Miseries Manor. So, if you like what I make, please buy it so we can hopefully put out a video in 2022!


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