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Have a very punky Snowmas,
Link safety pins everywhere.
Studs and spikes, plaid ornaments,
Fill black pine trees with your flair.
(to the tune of “Have a Very Merry Christmas!”)

It has been an eventful year for Precious Miseries: from starting to vend at conventions again to getting some cool new swag made, it’s been a fun ride! Some notable highlights are getting two books printed (comic anthology and coloring book) early in the year and vending at events such as Thy Geekdom Con! Also, let’s not forget the stickers made possible by Precious Miseries Manor’s monthly members!

Thank you for supporting Precious Miseries in 2023: every comment, all feedback, and every item purchased from the shop – all types of support are appreciated. We hope you continue the Precious Miseries journey with us for another year!

www.ko-fi.com/preciousmiseries | www.patreon.com/PreciousMiseriesManor