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Precious Miseries, in many ways, is starting from the ground up. Currently, donations will be used directly in creating new content for the site by hiring talented artists to provide comic art and video content. There are three donation tiers, which, if reached, will unlock the next. The first tier is comic art, then after those funds are raised, the next fund tier goes towards video content, then anything extra will go towards new merchandise. 

At 40% Raised

Comic Art

Help support hired talent who draws the comics you enjoy reading! The first $4,000 of the $10,000 goal will be used to pay for their time.

At 41% Plus Raised

Video Content

Help Precious Miseries get a foothold in video content. With a lot of upfront costs, donations of $4,001 – $9,000 will go towards hiring pros to create future Precious Miseries animations.

At 90% Plus Raised

New Merchandise

We have so many merch ideas, big and small, but we need help to see them happen. If PM receives any donations over the $9,000 teir, that money will go towards some fun new Precious Miseries Products!

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