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Interested in Drawing for Precious Miseries?

We at Precious Miseries are hoping to find talented individuals familiar with drawing sequential art, aka comic books, and are interested in drawing Precious Miseries short comics. While you do not have to conform your art to the Precious Miseries drawing style, a general knowledge of the characters is necessary.

Details About This Commission

We call it a ‘commission’ rather than a ‘job’ because you will, in essence, be drawing fanart of copyrighted characters in a comic book format. You will be paid for your art, but since you do not have creative ownership of the property (Precious Miseries), you will not be paid royalties (Meaning you will not receive a cut of any possible future revenue since you have already been paid for doing the art). Your name will appear in the comic as the artist responsible for the issue(s) or particular story arch(s). You can be located anywhere in the country as long as you can meet deadlines.

You should be at least 18, or have your parent’s consent if younger.


Send us a per page quote with your submission

Art Style

Think Tim Burton crossed with colorful patterns. Dark tone, whimsical, and detailed. Pattern, color and attention to detail is important. Ray Chan’s work on Ragdoll’s comic is a great example of a style that fits Precious Miseries. And before you think that you have to have a character style like Ray’s, please don’t. We are referring to more than his style, for example, his colors (the good use of color theory and building atmosphere), line work, and use of expressions. Submit pieces that best represent your style.

Please read through the previous PM comics to get a feel for what we are looking for.

Submissions Are Currently Open for 2021

Submitting Work

Please submit no more than 3 JPGs of your work. You should have at least one example of your sequential art, aka panel to panel work. The 2nd piece you send could be another sequential page, or it could be the ‘best’ art you’ve ever created. But beware, if you send us the best art you’ve ever created, we will be expecting nothing less than that. Also, please send your version of any Precious Miseries orphan. The PM orphan of your choosing should be in the style you will be drawing in. Keep in mind, they are all children from age 9-14.

Do not send resumes or bios, we do not care what training you’ve had; your art speaks for itself.

DO INCLUDE a website link for us to check out if we are interested in seeing more of your work.

The importance of sending a sequential piece should be obvious, but if you were wondering why we are requiring that you send us one we shall spell it out for you. We need to see that you are capable of telling a comprehensive story in panel to panel format. You can be the most amazing artist in the world and still not be able to create a successful comic book. It says nothing about your talent if you are not a successful comic artist, it just means it is a language that needs to be honed and practiced.

Please read the rest of the information below before you submit

Summary of Responsibilities

To read through a PM script, layout the panel version of it, draw/ink it, color, and letter each page.

Precious Miseries Stories/Scripts

We will provide story scripts for you to work with. We will also try to match up a story to your art style. So if you are an artist chosen for a Precious Miseries commission, do not ‘fear’ that you will be working on a story that you are not interested in.

Concept Thumbnails

Before you start any comic project, you should be used to roughly sketching out the comic panels. Once a story is decided upon, you are responsible for creating rough, sketched panels in whatever format you are used to. Do not feel as though they need to be ‘finished’; these sketches are generally quick.

Finished Page

All pages should be in color and already in a (11×17) format that can easily be printed into a comic book. After the approval for the thumbnails is received, you are free to draw in detail. Before you ink, if that is a part of your process, or color, it would be wise to email the drawn page for another approval (especially if it contains dialogue at this point).


Medium refers to the art materials you use to make the comic book. Precious Miseries loves any media. Whatever you are most familiar or comfortable with is what you should use. Precious Miseries art is done with traditional watercolor as well as Photoshop, so whether you work in markers or Painter is fine by us. As long as you are good at what you do, everything should be fine.