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Everything on this page is up for grabs. Please adhere to the rules. If you have made sprites or other Precious Miseries adoptables, please post them to the PM Facebook Fan Page so they can be put up for everyone to enjoy!

Precious Miseries Adoptable Sprites

Upload to your own server and please link back to the PM website.

pm_koijin pm_gothica pm_dapper pm_ragdoll pm_obake pm_flowergirl pm_lilith pm_heartbreaker pm_punk pm_easter pm_albino pm_goth pm_promqueen pm_environ
pm_lolita pm_jester pm_honeybee pm_alise pm_glaive pm_heartless pm_clockwork pm_visualkei pm_illusionist pm_lazuline pm_saccharine pm_cyberyin pm_neoqueen
pm-pirate-alise pm_stitches pm_cheshire pm_angrypanda

Fan made sprites by: Tous Petits

Precious Miseries Adoption Certificates

The most important rule is to upload the images onto your own server. I cannot stress that enough. This means save the images to your personal computer and upload them via your own server, or a public image hosting site like photobucket or imageshack. These sites are free and only take a few minutes to set up your account.

Link back to https://preciousmiseries.com. This can be done a number of ways, depending on how web savvy you are. My suggestion is to have the image you download from my site act as a button to preciousmiseries.com. I have included a code that you can follow. Please note, you will have to substitute your own web addy in order for it to work.

<a href=”https://preciousmiseries.com”><img src=”insert your own ‘a href’ code in between the quote marks“></a>

If you have problems with the coding, please google your questions.

You can adopt as many as you want or just your favorite few, as long as you follow these rules. To download, click on an image and a  either drag and drop the enlarged version onto your desktop or right click on the enlarged image and choose the ‘save as’ option.